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FAT FRANKIE is an overweight 15 year old female’s inner battle between two very different worlds.....


The first a world of private schools, fake tits and botox. Where slut shaming is at all time high, and young boys believe staged pornos and FHM models replicate reality.


The second is a world free from predetermined concepts of hetro normative gender roles and female submissive. Where you are more likely to see a man walking on a dog leash than a woman.


A world where judgment has no home. 





















Set in trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NYC, Harold Writes to China explores one hipsters inability to see past anything but his trendy shoes and coconut lattes. 

When Harold's girlfriend Laura Jane fails to end their relationship, she lies and tells him she's moving to China. Little does Harold know that she's living right down the street, shacked up with his best friend.

Even though all the signs point to a lie, ultimately Harold believes what he wants to believe.


© Rochelle Scarlett 2019.